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I'm a Minneapolis-based photographer focused on weddings, elopements, engagements and travel photography. I bring my camera with me everywhere.


I grew up playing with cameras and taking pictures of the easy stuff: flowers, cats and family. I realized pretty early that I was developing my skill for capturing "the moment", especially in group settings, and it turns out that is a solid skill for wedding photography.

In terms of equipment, I've used a wide variety of film and digital cameras ranging from Olympus, Sony, Pentax, Leica, Kodak, Konica Minolta (now Sony) and Nikon. This list will certainly grow. My current rig is the Nikon D850, the best camera I’ve ever used. I shot my first wedding in 2005 in Cozumel, Mexico with a terrible Kodak digital camera and my trusty Olympus OM-1 35mm film camera.


Two cats, one wife, no car, traveler, sociable, smart worker, craft beer supporter and a preference for keeping things simple. I’m a technology product marketing enthusiast by day, went to business school and have an undergraduate degree in Biology. My awesome wife and I frequently hike the coastal redwood forests in the Santa Cruz mountains near our home in San Jose. Netflix is great. Every four years I'm a total World Cup fanatic.


I'm drawn to weddings because of how important they are. I also love the breadth of moments that can be captured in a day. I'm honored to be part of each wedding and to be trusted to document all the subplots as they unfold. Engagements sessions are a different project and I'd say maybe just as important as a wedding. During engagement sessions, couples have license to be more creative and playful while with weddings, emotions tend to dominate. Ii like photographing both

Travel Photography

I like taking portraits of both people and scenes so you’ll see a lot of photos from my travels, ranging from cities to mountains.


"Style" is such a nebulous thing. That said, my styll can best be defined as a blend of candid (or documentary) and creative portraiture. I like playing with colors and what happens when they approach the line of real and surreal, that often come with that film-like and dream-like feel. I like black-and-whites that drastically isolate the subject. I use limited flash in my photos because I have a very strong preference for natural or available light.

One visual element you might notice in many of my photos is lines, especially horizon lines, that help add framing, structure and balance.


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