The process

This works.

Even if you've done this before (and this happens more than you realize with divorce rates at their highest points ever, sad), there is a process that I like to follow. And I'm calling this out because it's come up in every single consult meeting I've had to date. I get it: your swimming in a sea of details and you just want one thing to be easy.


1. We meet

My preference, always, is to meet in person if possible. I like people and people tend to like me. We pretend that this meeting is about wedding photography Q&A but really we're sniffing each other out to see if we're a good fit. I believer it's more important to click with people than to click the camera shutter.

2. We agree terms

We talk about your wedding day and start to determine what your needs are. I translate your needs into a quote. As you saw above, you can expect to be in the ballpark of $3,400. Variables that will drive the price up include things like travel, lots of printed goods, second photog or extended hours.

3. We collaborate

The contract is signed and we start to brainstorm photography. 


4. We shoot

The day has arrived. If we're doing an engagement session, then we shoot twice.