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You have questions.

I have answers.

Couples. Please read this page.

What are your rates?

Wedding pricing depends on a number of things that we discuss immediately in our first client meeting. My average wedding rates range between $1,900 and $4,600, and the most popular is $3,800. 

For destination weddings, the cost structure changes. I am open to discounting my rate (depending on your destination) in exchange for covering my travel expenses, which actually ends up being cheaper for you (depending on your destination).

Anyways, we will cover pricing specifics during our first conversation. I ask couples to please come prepared with a realistic budget that we can discuss.

Do you charge sales tax?

If you decide on a product selection that includes tangible goods (such as a USB, albums, prints, DVD), then I am required under United States tax law to charge sales tax at my local Minnesota rate. Sales tax would not apply if you choose to digitally download your entire gallery, which is definitely the most popular choice with couples.

Do you have any limits on coverage time or the number of photos taken on the wedding day?

I've got four, eight and ten hour wedding packages and we will cover the amount of time that you think you need when we first meet.

As for the number of photos: I take the pictures, delete the bad ones, edit the rest in my style, and then deliver a proofing gallery to you. There are no limits set for number of photos taken or number of photos edited. I easily shoot over 150 photos per hour and I aim to deliver more than half of those in your final gallery. 

For destination weddings, there will be additional limits that we discuss before signing a contract. As much as I want to spend four straight days doing beach selfies with you, it will hurt your budget.

Take a look at my wedding packages and let's see what works for you.

How do we book with you?

It all starts by contacting me. Let's talk and see if we're a good fit for each other AND see if your date is still open.

How/when do we pay you?

Online or in-person with credit card, check or cold-hard cash. Non-refundable 20% down payment at contract signing to secure the date with the remainder due 2 weeks before your wedding date. I use this great service online called HoneyBook and we'll manage everything related to your wedding photography through that. It's awesome.

How many edited photos do we get?

Usually between 300 and 800 photos; it could be more but very rarely less. Seriously, no one needs 800 photos.

When will we see our pictures?

Normally around 4 to 6 weeks. When possible, I like to share a few sneak peek photos within 24/48 hours.

Are all of our photos edited?

Yes, they are all edited in the style you see on my website. You will receive a variety of color and black & white.

What do we get in our password-protected online gallery?

Completely edited, high-resolution, print-ready jpeg files.

Do you provide a "print" release?

Yes. These photos are totally yours when I'm finished editing and that means you can print and share them as you like (except for commercial purposes, which we can talk about in-person).

Are you insured as a photographer?

I am. Your venue might need my insurance information.

What happens if you get sick?

This hasn't happened yet. But it could, and in that case we'll make sure you're covered by one of the many talented photographers here in Mpls. Headaches, stomach aches, colds, migraines, hangovers, aches, pains and fevers do not count - I'll be there on your day, present and ready - but if I'm in the hospital then we'll move to plan B.

You mentioned destination photography?

Many couples love the idea of a destination wedding, especially to escape during the cold of winter, but they need help figuring out how to pull it off. Hiring a local photographer to travel with you has its perks and if you do it right, it not only would be more personal but it could also be less expensive. 

What if we stay local for our wedding?

Let's do it! I'm based out of Minneapolis near Lake of the Isles. If your venue is local, awesome, and we'll get straight to discussing photography for your big day.

Are you on social media?

Yup, Instagram @johnnotman

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